Monday, February 6, 2006

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

We made it home. Check out some pics from Seattle.

Some funny Leroy quotes I don't want to forget. Whilst stomping his foot to Waylon Jennings, speeding up the I5 in the pouring rain. . .
I fucking love Waylon. I wish he was my dad!

Referring to a book on songwriting by Jimmy Webb. . .Hmmmm. . ."should strive to create original metaphors". . .well I got "I like getting high on speed and runnin' around like a jackrabbit lookin' to breed." Long pensive pause.
I guess that's a similie.

Here's some retro photos for y'all. It's my dad in the 70's with Stillwater Savage:

And me last week with Hellbound Glory. I think he's about 4 years older in these pics than I am now:

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