Monday, July 24, 2006

Baja Sessions

Chris Isaak's Baja Sessions is one of my favorite 40 minute experiences every time I play it. Hershel Yatovitz's guitar parts are perfect, all of the instrument tones, especially acoustic, are perfect. Kenney Dale Johnson (drums) Rowland Salley (bass) play like one guy. That happens when you play together for 15 years I suppose. They are now up to 25 years as the SAME damn line up, which is pretty cool.

I got this album when it was new and have never grown tired of it. It is his best work, closely followed by Heart Shaped World (1989) then San Francisco Days (1993) and Forever Blue (1995) as a triumvirate of very enjoyable records. I am quite certain that my assessment of this album's greatness is shared by few. Oh, wait, take a look at the reviews at Amazon. I'd only add that it seems more acoustic and Hawiian than Mexican.

I saw them perform for my first time in South Lake Tahoe on March 31 and it was great. Clearly 'worked up' (that is to say 'scripted') -- hell, they're all practically actors now, since Showtime's The Chris Isaak Show, but very, very entertaining. When will that ever make it to DVD?

As I write this, I learned that a DVD package from the Baja Sessions is due to be released. Rad! I'll keep my eye on that.

So I'll close with a quote of a review for the TV show. It has to be said that almost no one in the UK has heard of Chris Isaaks [sic] (I see he was on Top of The Pops twice in nine years) and his kind of music has to be a niche appeal product, mainly, I suspect, for grannies and gays. I'm not sure how to take that you damn redcoat!

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