Tuesday, July 18, 2006


All right, so I think I finally perfected the disabling margarita. I though I would share.

My love of the margarita started when I lived in Mountain View starting in 1997. The finest mexican food I have ever had is downtown there called Fiesta Del Mar. (Browse over there and check out the over-the-top margarita selection.) Eventually the staff knew me by sight, and began to share the secrets to their perfect margaritas. It really is in the sweet and sour. They never told me the recipe specifics, but on several occasions allowed me a glass of just the mix. They told me how they made it, but most importantly, the juice is always fresh-squeezed.

So here we go. Never use margarita mix unless you want it to taste like the ones from every god damn gringo-ed mexi restaurant from here to Delaware.

I've had to adapt to 2 for $1 limes (ouch!) and the overall smallness of them here in Reno. So, to start, the mix is made from a 4:1 ratio of fresh limes:lemons. I used 4 limes and 1 lemon. That made ~8 oz of juice, which I added 8 more ounces of not from concentrate limeade. That amount is flavored to taste and I like 'em a little tart. That's probably a fair amount of water, so add sugar if it's too tart.

Now equally important is you must have quality tequila and citrus liqueurs. The recipe is straight forward -- ratios are 2:2:1 of mix, tequila, liqueur. My preferred? A double!
4 oz Sauza Hornitos tequila
4 oz of homeade mix
2 oz Cointreau (or 1 oz of each: Cointreau and Grand Marnier)
Shake with ice, pour into big glass (usually a PINT!), stay off myspace and don't drive anywhere!

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