Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moanin' at Midnight

Do your self a favor and rent the Howlin' Wolf Story. Netflix, Blockbuster. I want to thank Dave Gleason and Joseph Martini for planting the seed so I remembered to look into it.

Wolf was the first blues master I got into, back before the days of comprehensive internet discographies and limitless supply of CDs (via Amazon or similar). As described in my guitar blog, I left the pursuit of blues guitar behind, but not what I learned. I still feel like a fraud when I play the blues, being a white guy.

I got the blues and there ain't none of it to do with race. At midnight last night I started this movie, thinking it would help me sleep and was riveted. I can't believe that Hubert Sumlin is still alive, coherent, and totally awesome.

I know that going back to the master artists is not for everyone. Hell, most bluegrass folks don't even like Bill Monroe! Similarly, listening to old blues recordings is not an easy experience. Here's the intro to Howlin' Wolf's Moanin' At Midnight (you have to have iTunes).

Just wanted to share.

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