Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kentucky Bound this weekend

First check out Monroe in 1957.

The 'one door closes another opens' thing has pretty much been my life for a while now. More about that in the weeks to come. It's too bad I've had this trouble getting out of UNR, but pretty rad shit has happened over the last 15 months.

Despite the breakup of my bluegrass band, Straight Ahead, I still really dig the mandolin and bluegrass. I aim to keep playing it, so I signed up for this new workshop in Owensboro, KY. It is specifically geared towards studying Bill Monroe (the father of bluegrass) mandolin style. I am attending the second camp on 9/15-17. It was way back in January that my colleague (and CNS alum) at DRI Ken Adams that saw an article in the paper and thought I was "into Bill Monroe." I was on the phone five minutes later. It seems important to me how I found out about this landmark occasion.

The camp should be fun, humbling, and a little overwhelming. I should come back a better musician. Check out the schedule below. I'm mostly interested in the advanced topics, but will probably hang with the intermediate crew. Hopefully I can bounce around. It's kind of amazing this thing is happening. In preparation, I've been watching Monroe DVDs, listening to my favorite Monroe recordings (1947-1969), and reading the various birographies on Monroe.

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