Monday, October 23, 2006


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I'll be dressed as Paul McCartney again because I have that Beatle suit replica I bought last year. I figured that if I wore it 10 more times it'd be worth it. That was an impulsive gash into the savings account. It was kind of funny to play a show dressed that way, alone. It was at the Satellite, Reno's best bar, according to the RN&R reader's poll. Not me. Anyway, Honky Tonk Halloween was the bill. DJ Brandi was there spinning Hank Sr. and other good old country between sets.

Last year I even had a Beatle wig made. Makes me look quite dapper. I'm not proud that I had to go to the Inner Woman on Wells to find a wig that my hairdresser could work with. Shit, said too much again.

2005: Adam in my 2003 Willie Nelson costume, Lanie, and me

However, since I have this whole 'band guy' thing, I'm out of the social loop for what normal people do on the weekends. So invite me to your party, and keep the Tanqueray away.

Off to sushi.

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