Monday, August 27, 2007

A fond acknowledgment

Of all the folks that I've played music with, somewhat formally. I think that means repeatedly on stage in front of strangers. A tip o' the hat to you all and thank you. It's been a fun three years performing in Reno.

Paula Adkins
Chad Bowen
Leroy Bowers
Michael Chambone
Ed Crandall
Jim Denoncourt
Michael Franz
Dave Gleason
Cindy Gray
Vicki Haas
Luke Hoffman
Adam Jaffe
John Kent
Chad Kortan
Joseph Martini
John Mordachi
Tom Moss
Ron Moyes
Karen Roemmich
Scotty Roller
Daryl Salley
Norris Shultz
Rick Sparks
Mike Therieau
John Von Nolde
Mike Young

apologies to any I forgot.

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