Monday, August 13, 2007

I’m a songwriter / I'm leaving Reno

I have much to tell you all. I'll get into it when my plans become something more than completely up in the air. My last local shows as a member of Hellbound Glory are this month. There are 3 last chances for you to see us near Reno before I'm gone on August 29th. I will travel east with Leroy for some shows in Idaho and Montana playing mandolin.

Did you know for many years prior to 2003 I wrote and updated up my musical biography? It's still out there and takes the story up to me joining Hellbound Glory in '05. It could use some work, but it exists.

My problem with songwriting is perfectionism. Here's a song about a job change (from PG&E to WLA), but I realize that it's eerily similar to my current path. Maybe I'm always the same. This 'song' was written all at once without edits on a train home from San Francisco. I've never finalized the melody. I'm not saying it's good, I'm saying, here it is. It ain't perfect. That is just going to have to start working for me. There are probably sixty or so of these in a binder that reads 'Songwriting' down the spine.

from 5/24/99
Here goes, things gotta feel right
I've sweated and fretted
And been up all night

I'm gonna hold on to that feeling
That's smarter than thinking
For we can't know what is best
Give that figuring a rest

Follow your heart they say it knows
My mind asks for a word
In front of me the true path flows

Can't lose sight of your needs
Happiness has no prize
And not measured in little deeds

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