Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kentucky Family Reunion

Right now I'm in Nashville unwinding after a long drive and a nice visit with an intense bunch of Wellses. Soon I'm off to the Station Inn around the corner to check out the Sunday bluegrass jam. I was going to eat, but who needs food when there's bluegrass?

A few days ago, I was on my way to Redding, California when the sun set Thursday night outside of Red Bluff.

After driving home to Reno, I flew to Nashville, then drove to Lexington Kentucky. I visited my friend Rich Koehler's father's hangout, Merrick Inn, where the sun set Friday night. They loved his dad so much, that after he was killed in an automobile accident, they put a headstone outside the place.

Not long after, I met up with my great Aunt Lorene. The next morning, we headed to West Liberty on Saturday, after stopping in Mt. Sterling to pick up her cousin Zelda.

Here's me with my Grandpa's sisters, Lorene (86), Louise (91), Ida Mae (96). We all had a nice visit and I met my mom's cousin Wayne, and spent some time with Donnie, son of her cousin Lynette. Here we are, those those directly descended from Edmund B. Wells, the founder of West Liberty, Kentucky.

Anyone else considered the differences in the expressions "Up Beat" and "Beat Up"? Same two words. Food for thought. Or is it thought for food?

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