Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bust A Move

Howdy friends,

Well my travels have taken me all over the place lately. I am in my mom's cousin's recliner outside of Blanchester OH, watching some show on GAC about 'the hitmakers' or something. I've been having lots of nice, visiting days, but alas, it is time to go. I've done some recording in a campground, in my great Aunt's garage, had a great lesson from the talented Bill Mize. I've been working on the seven new song ideas I'm happy with, trying to flesh them out, figure them out. I haven't really felt like going back to sleeping in a tent after spending so much great time here in southern Ohio.

Late last week, I went to Hamilton, OH, to get some guitar strings. I was impressed by all that I saw. It was neat to be in an old region, where industry had existed for a couple of hundred years. My grandfather moved to Dayton to find work after the war, as did several of his brothers, and husbands of his sisters. So I've got pretty deep roots in southern Ohio, in a way. My mom was born in Dayton before my grandparents bailed back to Manchester, NH.

Anyway, while there in Hamilton I got on the wireless, and lo, would you believe Charles Richter is from Ohio? Yup, Mr. Richter Scale was raised around there. I found a music store and bought a bunch of CDs. It's not like me to do this as I am a thorough discography researcher and online purchaser. But I wanted some more blues. I got a great great album by Junior Wells, a Chicago blues harp player, from 1965 featuring Buddy Guy on electric guitar. It's cool to come across the original version of a song I first heard from the Loved Ones just this February. "Good morning little school girl..." I finally know what the hell Zan was doing at the end of that song that seemed so non-sequitor. Buddy Guy did that. Cool. Really cool if you know my spiderweb connections to Buddy-Zan-1993-Loved Ones.

The coolness ends when you know I was listening to this album on my way to Home Depot to buy supplies to redo the plumbing in her guest bedroom toilet. She says '"it ran ran ran, so I shut it off. I was never much inclined to use it." That was 4 years ago. So I fixed it for her. We had so much great time. And I had a lot of great time with her daughter Edie and John, who teaches piano. She gave me sort of a piano lesson, but I've got a long way to go. :) And now, I've spent two days here with Wayne and Sheila. Cool people man.

Well, there's gettin to be too much to write I guess. I write the blogs when I feel like, and just haven't felt like it lately. I haven't really slowed down much, and taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures in 4 or 5 states. But I just haven't felt like finding a way to encapsulate into one of these things. Maybe it was easier when I was geographically immobile there in Rosine.

I am moving to Henderson, KY for a little while, just west of Owensboro. There's no moving actually, I am homeless and have been living out of my car for two weeks tomorrow. I mean, I've been living out of my car, but in the same camp since I left Reno. I am staying with Kings Highway bandleader Mark Hargis. Well, staying on his property in his camper. I guess. We'll see. I have a private party gig to make some music with those guys on Saturday. That'll be fun. And my music buddy Dave Gleason arrived in Nashville today, so I'll probably cruise down there for some time with him.

I have some kind of bronchitis. A weird chest cold like I've not had before, so yeah, that's screwed. I'm going to try to get to Owensboro early enough to try and get to see a physician tomorrow. I have totally enjoyed Ohio, and see really cool things here. Did you know I have an undergraduate degree in Economics? And that I focused on regional economics, the study of why and how people/places get to be where they are? Well, I can tell you, Ohio is much more textbook than anything I saw in California, Nevada or Oregon. It's neat. Hard working people, for generations.

Where I stayed in Lebanon, OH, was only about a mile from where Marty Roe, singer for Diamond Rio grew up. In fact, my mom's cousin's daughter Lorie was in the same high school class as he. Neil Armstrong lives in Lebanon. Larry Sparks is from Lebanon. The Osborne Brothers are from Dayton.

And you know what? While checking out the goodwill store seeking to replace my big beautiful broken oversized Stanford coffee mug, I found Young MC's Bust A Move CD on sale for $0.85. So all the while cruising around town I was blaring "your best friend Harry has a brother larry and in 5 days from now he's gonna marry you're hoping you can make it there if you can cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man"

Don't just stand there, bust a move. Aside from that song, it's been 15 years since I heard all of those other tracks before. It was a treat. I am serious.

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