Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween '07

Well, here it is. Homeless for Halloween. Yeah, that's a nod to my much missed friend Leroy and all my friends in Reno. I remember that first Honky Tonk Halloween with Johnny Dilks with as much clarity as anyone playing their second show on a new instrument can. Most clear recollections are the fabulous DJ and my friend Rhonda's efforts on the wig.

I am sending this out to my old friend Orion Harbour, whom I've lost touch with for way too long now. He's gone underground in San Francisco. It's been about 5 years now

Anyway O, if you're out there, I was reminded of our Blues Brothers Halloween, and what a kick-ass brother Elwood you made. I'm pretty easy to find you Darrell.

Frequently music themed, this is the first in several years a costume is a non-priority. Since 1992, I've dressed up only a handful of times:
'92: Axl Rose, Patience era (man, I miss that bandanna, Garth Kinnier. Nice sentiment, lousy trade).
'93: a member of a Scottish rugby team. I dunno; Anthony's mom could sew kilts.
'94: Jake Blues. I am unable to grow sideburns in 2 weeks.
'02 some how forgotten, but enjoyed drunk with geologists in Reno. There's a connection I suppose...
'03: Willie Nelson. Lora ruled the night with her help on that one.
'04: a hayseed fiddler from Kentucky. You had to be there.
'05: Paul McCartney circa '65. There's an old blog for that one.

and now, 2007, just a vagrant. Good times. My day so far consisted of deciding whether I should grow a beard and later, I decided if I should go to my PO box.

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