Monday, October 22, 2007

Photos from last week to present

Well it has rained all damn day. I have been killing time in Owensboro since I crawled out of my trailer. I put some pictures up for you. I recorded a bunch of Merle Haggard songs last night and that got me through a rough spot. I didn't make it down to see Dave Gleason. I didn't play on Saturday. I'm all right though, we did play outside of the show and I got to wear a vintage Stetson Open Road hat. Mark's the same hat size as me. I'm now three weeks past the specific things I planned to do here and have done a bunch of things I 'always wanted to do.' Like see the sunrise on the Atlantic ocean.

Mark and his wife have been great, even managing to secure a round of antibiotics. We'll see if they kick this chest congestion.

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