Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pleased to be compelling you to buy this book

Dear Everyone,

Please go to your nearest book retailer and buy this book. If you feel inclined, use it to guide your new music purchases. And send it to me after you are done.

Thank you,
Andrew D. Barron

I have always loved Señor McGuire's work, since I first noticed his repeated photo credits on my favorite albums. He has a great website, too. Check out Ringo Star talk about it here. A long term exhibit in the Bluebird Café really affected me during my visits there. The Bluebird is a famous Nashville venue to see America's songwriters. I fondly recall the night at the Bluebird when I heard Alex Call sing 867-5309 (Jenny Jenny) back in 2001 or so. And Kevin Welch sing "Life Down Here On Earth", a track used aboard a Space Shuttle mission at some point. Would be nice to verify the mission, but what can you do. There's a story there I'm sure.

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