Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The studio is set up

I finally have some bearings and I am going to start recording tracks. Even though some of the songs aren't complete lyrically, they are musically. I hope to finish the backing tracks for these 10 songs this week. But no promises. :)

Here's some pictures I took, including some of a nice day I had around Evansville, IN. Didn't realize how close I am to that much larger city now. I'll probably be going there a bunch.

Get ready people, I should be back in California from 12/16 through 1/6 or so. I hope to get a bunch of nice visiting and maybe I'll even get some of these lyrics finished. I may return to this place in Kentucky, or make my way to Florida. We will see.

Right now I wish I had internet access in the studio so I could figure out how to XY mic, but really, without nice preamps (and I am) it doesn't matter anyway.

I can't get over the kindness of strangers, and the likemindedness of people I have met since I became a musician. Makes me feel good to know these kinds of folks, so thanks.

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