Monday, December 10, 2007

I came to town on a tornado

I remember the day the reporter was outside of Starbucks. He was far more interested in the French teacher lady than me, the darrell musician. But it's a funny read and nicely documents my return to Kentucky on that evening. The quote is almost certainly wrong as I stopped in Dale Indiana to buy some whiskey as the tornado warning came in. I put my camera on movie mode and filmed a bunch of it from my safe spot on highway 231. Safe in that the modelers showed a 3 mile wide strip of no tornado that I was driving on. I refuse to be paranoid, you know? The footage I took is crap and is mostly out of focus.

Newspaper article.

It was cool to hear Verlon sing he and Guy Clark's "Tornado Time in Texas" last week. Blow the tattoo off yer arm.

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