Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rosine Barn jam

I just set up blogging from my phone! So i played the Rosine barn last night with former bluegrass boy tom Ewing. Our band was a little rough, but i played guitar and solos too. Might be the first time I've played acoustic lead guitar in a bluegrass ensemble. Fun, and nice to be on stage again.
- - -
All right, so that worked; now I am editing on the computer. This is an amazing time, where I can text message the world and it appears on my blog. My internet connection is intermittent and since I may be any where at any time, it kind of blows my mind I can put it up here from anywhere. Crazy and cool. Now that I finally have my wide-angle lens from storage, here's a shot from my front door just now. (Right click->View Image for full size)

I am pretty much beyond my budgeted unemployment period, so soon I will begin to look for work. I am doing a mad dash back to the Reno storage unit for everything. I've got a few leads, but really want to be set up here before I go searching for that lovely GIS job again.

I'm preparing this house for fresh interior paint before I bring out the uhaul next week. I'm in a odd head space and look forward to settling down. I am looking forward to summer in Kentucky and the south, bizarre weather notwithstanding.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Perfectly lame storm

Wow, welcome to the south. Each time as I travel to stores and confront what I consider a long time local, I ask about the weather. "Is it always like this?" I know the answer, but it has more impact to see the surprise and somewhat disbelief as the definitive "NO" is exclaimed.

It was 70 degrees Monday. It rained nearly all night last night. Keep in mind that the record lows of temps in the teens were just last week.

So I survived the storm in relative comfort. The tornadoes weren't part of the plan, but as the postmaster in Rosine said, "maybe Al Gore was right and all of this global warning is real."

Monday, February 4, 2008

Doin' good

Hi y'all,

How did you like my disappearing act? I really needed to get back here. 6 weeks out west was too long. Things worked out though, and I am moving up in the world. I went from a trailer to a barn, now to the house on Mark's property. So he's my landlord. I purchased $400 in propane to hopefully get through the rest of this cold ass winter here. I am setting up the studio in this decent old little house. The rent is reasonable, the company is good, and I'm happy to be back.

I drove a lot or someone took my car while I was gone. I have some ridiculous mileage allotment (12k/yr a nice slight of hand by my Honda guy), and so far, since August, my new car has ... 11,430 miles on it. Amazing.

I aim to make another dash to Reno to get my bed and thus everything else. The U-haul price plus gas is approaching the cost of another bed plus untold months of Reno storage.

My new internet privacy is a very functional thing and won't last for too long I guess. We shall see. It was hard to put that much out on the web because it broadcasted my aims, and sort of sharpens the sting of what I haven't yet finished, you know?

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