Monday, February 4, 2008

Doin' good

Hi y'all,

How did you like my disappearing act? I really needed to get back here. 6 weeks out west was too long. Things worked out though, and I am moving up in the world. I went from a trailer to a barn, now to the house on Mark's property. So he's my landlord. I purchased $400 in propane to hopefully get through the rest of this cold ass winter here. I am setting up the studio in this decent old little house. The rent is reasonable, the company is good, and I'm happy to be back.

I drove a lot or someone took my car while I was gone. I have some ridiculous mileage allotment (12k/yr a nice slight of hand by my Honda guy), and so far, since August, my new car has ... 11,430 miles on it. Amazing.

I aim to make another dash to Reno to get my bed and thus everything else. The U-haul price plus gas is approaching the cost of another bed plus untold months of Reno storage.

My new internet privacy is a very functional thing and won't last for too long I guess. We shall see. It was hard to put that much out on the web because it broadcasted my aims, and sort of sharpens the sting of what I haven't yet finished, you know?

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  1. Andrew lives! Good to hear you're still in one piece. Post some pictures of the new casa if you get a chance. How's the song writing coming, anything you're exited about? All is well in Reno, cold-ass here too....


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