Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rosine Barn jam

I just set up blogging from my phone! So i played the Rosine barn last night with former bluegrass boy tom Ewing. Our band was a little rough, but i played guitar and solos too. Might be the first time I've played acoustic lead guitar in a bluegrass ensemble. Fun, and nice to be on stage again.
- - -
All right, so that worked; now I am editing on the computer. This is an amazing time, where I can text message the world and it appears on my blog. My internet connection is intermittent and since I may be any where at any time, it kind of blows my mind I can put it up here from anywhere. Crazy and cool. Now that I finally have my wide-angle lens from storage, here's a shot from my front door just now. (Right click->View Image for full size)

I am pretty much beyond my budgeted unemployment period, so soon I will begin to look for work. I am doing a mad dash back to the Reno storage unit for everything. I've got a few leads, but really want to be set up here before I go searching for that lovely GIS job again.

I'm preparing this house for fresh interior paint before I bring out the uhaul next week. I'm in a odd head space and look forward to settling down. I am looking forward to summer in Kentucky and the south, bizarre weather notwithstanding.

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