Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Multimedia message

Stayed at my wonderful aunt's in lincoln. We're a few hours from iowa city. Smooth sailing over there many miles. I've taken lots of cool pictures, but have to wait a few weeks until im back to a computer. There phone pics will have to do for now.
We've seen hundreds of miles of cornfields. There was a tractor tire on a post in central nebraska, painted with big letters 'OUTLAW SODOMY'. There was a gas station im adair, IA, Called the kum and go. They had a sign encouraging folks to vote for the proper term 'pop' over 'soda'. It would be nice if people cared about music some. At least we hardy few know what is good, even if we can barely afford gas and food.

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  1. Nebraska... the most out of place I've ever felt in my own country was in a bar in Nebraska on a Friday night. If you're not wearing Levi's and drinking Coors, you're not from around here!


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