Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Natural Bridge

Disclaimer: this is one of those stream of consciousness blogs, like those I used to write. If it don't make sense, then it don't make sense.

To get my head clear after the tour, we went camping in eastern Kentucky. There's a state park I wanted to check out. It was a nice trip, but I had a premonition. And so there was terrible unexpected news in my great Aunt's side of the family.
After visiting with her, we toured through Morehead and on down to West Liberty. It is always emotional for me to return to the homeland of my mom's side. Our family was so prominent in the early days of Kentucky. Like so many people, our family history is laced with the changes brought about by migration, frontier life, then world wars and the industrial revolution. These thoughts seem to overtake me each time I've visited. I always feel sad for the death of my great uncle Arthur, and how sad it must've been for them all and how sad death during war is for every family.

A long hike up to the arch, and a beautiful drive through Red River gorge helped clear my head. The indian food in Lexington helped clear my sinuses, and then we returned all the way across Kentucky. The only answer I have as to why I temporarily settled way out here instead of out there, a seemingly more obvious choice, is exactly the lack of those family ties and my connection with them. I really thought I could focus on my songs and my musicianship away from 'it all.' Furthermore, it is probably a good thing that the not-so-nice things I have to say about this part of Kentucky are more about Henderson, Daviess, and Ohio counties and the folks who live here, than about Kentucky in general.

Be that as it may, I am becoming more southern in certain ways and longed to be back here many points along the way on my cross country tour with Hellbound Glory. Eastern Kentucky is a place I will return to many times in the future. For now, I am trying to feel my way to Nashville. It seems as though I am no closer to a foothold in geomorphology or music than when I left Reno. Many things are happening now that defy my understanding but are bolstering my spirit as I set my sights on getting to work.

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  1. Great picture. You've got a distant cousin here that occasionally checks out your latest goings on. I stumbled across your blog out of blue one day. Think the last time I saw you up this way was at Ed Thomas' birthday party when you brought Aunt Lorene. You were rocking out with Chuck when I left. My mom and dad are Don & Lyn Norman. You jammed a little with my brother Don when you were up last fall. Really like your blog. The family stuff you post is really cool. I got copy of the picture CD of family photos from Jerry Wells when I was at the Sorghum Festival last year. Man is it a treasure.

    Hope your music endeavors are going well. If you are back around West Liberty during the festival maybe I'll see you there. I'm hoping to make it again this year. Nothing like waking up on a fall day up the holler in Index.

    Mike Norman
    Lebanon, Ohio


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