Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight begins our 4 shows in the south

We're now im north carolina. Hard to believe that last thursday we were in wisconsin. New york was a beautiful state to spend a couple of days in. I got to catch up with my old friend orion from high school in brooklyn. That show was like playing back home at davidson's on a tuesday. Afterwards we escaped NYC down the jersey turnpike and stayed at a nice place called Lums Pond in delaware. We got to d.c. At about 5 yesterday and had time to walk all around the memorials and such. I have taken 812 pictures so far! But my time is rapidly coming to an end with 4 shows remaining. The show im d.c. Was not well attended even though there were 4 bands. Billy woodward put on a good show, but only he stuck around for our set. There was a duo from oxford mississippi. Something about a kick drum of death. Anyway, this kid john had Adam Gussow for an american studies class. Small world since that guy's you tube lessons helped of a lot; i'm even 'featured' on it for a few songs on this trip. Which is a very cool. People seem to dig my harp playing. In the future i'll have an amp just for harp.
Well, it's good to be back in the south. Though i've had my trials in kentucky, yet the south is my home now. I look forward to getting things going with work and music when i am off tour. I met so many folks to follow up with and over all, i've been getting much needed validation about my musicianship.

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