Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good bye Kentucky. Hello Nashville!

My latest photos.

Ah the big changes. I retrace my life to get comfortable with the inescapable fact that I am a geologist... [blah] sunny day in downtown Nashville.

How does one explain that in 2005, [blah] That my task to understand alluvial fan dynamics as influenced by tectonics and climate in the northern Basin and Range led to an interest in paleoclimate? That I did more work with fundamentals of scarp morphology and degradation than anyone? [blah] Yes, the nature of men is why this world has such problems. Not mankind, but men. But not all men.

I spent many years of my youth in a university. I earned degrees in economics and geology in 6 years. I became an expert in a computer mapping software. I went on to spend 3 years finishing every course for a PhD [blah]. [blah]

Most of my adult life was spent in college. How can this be? Hungry. I'm hungry for knowledge, beauty, and music. [blah] Only a clueless person would write this shit. [big blah] How does one explain [and another big blah] [blah] [bitter blah]

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