Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On it goes

It has been a year since I moved away. A lot has happened, and yet, well, you know. We've been doing cool stuff, I don't have a job, and our sublease only gets us through the end of October.

Fall is in the air, and a quick trip up to Kentucky was intense. The storms associated with Ike really tore that area up. We were lucky to NOT be one of the 3.7 million without power. Here in Tennessee, there is a shortage of gas, and reports of gas gouging are on the news. I met a woman at the gas station that had never filled a portable gas can, and evidently it was worth it to her to have two gallons of gas sitting somewhere. She asked me where was safe to store it. Two gallons?!

I've directed my job-seeking efforts in a few ways. One of them is a return to the utility industry. That led to a screening of a Nashville filmmaker's project about making a difference called Kilowatt Ours. Seemed like a nice guy. Cool message directly relating what I've seen in Kentucky, coal burning power plants, to coal strip mining in Kentucky. Here in Tennessee, it is refreshing to see so much social/environmental activism all around. We've been meeting a lot of people, and curiously, they have been mostly natives. Seems like a good thing.

9/12/08. Vanderbilt campus. I've been studying karst landforms and processes.

9/13/08. Percy Priest Lake trash cleanup.

Waiting for the boat. I don't know what island we were headed to.

9/13/08. Four Corners Marina.

9/13/08. Small syncline in Ordovician limestones.

9/13/08. Part of the haul from five of us.

9/13/08. From our kitchen window

9/14/08. We went back to Kentucky to start moving the rest. Soy beans from the front yard.

9/14/08. It was mayhem in Owensboro; the sustained winds from Ike thrashed the city. Seemed calm at (old) home.

9/14/08. There are zillions of scattered branches and corn husks, blown off the crop, all over the yard. Can't wait to be done with that place.

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