Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorghum Festival, eastern Kentucky

We moved everything on Thursday and on Friday we drove 300 miles to Lexington. We saw comedian Brian Reagan live and in person! As many of you know, Brian really appeals to my sense of the absurd and the humor in daily life. As will happen when you do too many things in too short of time, you make oversights. Like the shift from Central to Eastern time zone. Twenty minutes early was quickly realized as forty minutes late. Sigh. I laughed my ass off anyway. Much of the material was familiar and the new stuff was just as good or better.

In the morning we drove to West Liberty, KY to visit my family who assembles during the Sorghum Festival. It was nice to visit with everyone. I realized the reason I don't go out there more is the solid five hour drive! Family is sure easy to be around. It is really neat to see my great-Aunt Ida Mae doing real well, soon to be 98 years old.

It is the first of the month, the beginning of our first unencumbered time in Nashville.

Enjoy the pictures!

Excuse my mess here, but I am going to write some senseless genealogy so I can sort it out later about my Dad's side.

My father's mother's side, Frances Leota Dale, and therefore me, is descended from Lewis from near Knoxville, TN; Newport in Cocke County. Andrew J. Lewis was born in 1869 in Knoxville to T.G. and Levina Lewis. These great-great-great grandparents of mine were also born in Knoxville. In my family tree, T.G. is the most recent identified immigrant. His parents were English. I don't know if I have this tree right, but interestingly, some notes I have here suggest I have more ancestors from Kentucky, named Ida Stanley Maloney Lewis born in 1876 in Kentucky, had two kids, Dovie and Jim Lewis. She was step mother to 6 Lewis children. She died in 1950. Andrew may have been a step-father to these children Dovie and Jim.
- - -
A few hours later
- - -
This kind of thing always weird me out, but I found a reference for this Ida. She was born today, 9/30/1876, Mt. Vernon, KY!


  1. wow, you did it! how's Kentucky treating you so far? hope you guys are doing great.

  2. Ah, Sara. I ran across an old email alluding to music night and Newcastles in the fridge. Welcome back to the US. Kentucky's treating us much better now that we're in Tennessee. :)


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