Monday, November 10, 2008

Fred Armisen

is hilarious. Of all of the Saturday Night Live cast members I've liked, he's quickly rising to the top.

In his first season, I was in graduate school. The character Fericito, the Venezuelan drummer and entertainer, was always "just keeeding."

This year SNL had Thursday night news segments. Armisen is a convincing and humorous Obama. On the repeat this Saturday, I caught the impression of the CEO of American Outfitters guy. Fred is a natural physical comic. In a news appearance, he appeared before a map board and just riffed for 3 minutes, never really saying anything. Same with the apathetic hippy character who's appearance was to highlight headlines, but he somehow never makes a point or a complete thought.

Anyway, I can still see those characters he's portrayed and that's a mighty powerful comedian. So here I am giving Fred Armisen my personal 'I dig it -- you're funny!' stamp of approval.

Read more about Fred at NBC or his myspace.

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