Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a day

Shitty day. 2 of 3 XP machines got a virus. Microsoft released a malicious software removal tool and fixed some big new security threat today. Not quite soon enough. Fooled me, first virus of my own. That is saying something. Masqueraded as a "Windows Update". It killed my Digital Audio Workstation. The data should be safe. Who knows, but I am glad I built a W2k machine up from spare parts this September. It was such a nice little Dell Dimension 4600. I beefed it up with a RAID card, so anyway I was back online.

FOR AN HOUR. Then the cable internet died. I called and searched and called. I even bought a used cable modem from some dude. $35. Long story, not really, just lame.

No internet computer at home, really. This is wireless stolen from some neighbor. Our top floor flat seems to have an advantage. The machine I'm using caught some illness today with the attacks, but it boots. Each reboot, all settings are wiped fresh. Including installed software, like Google Chrome.

At least I am not having to prepare for the next big one like my people in California. Check it. That's all I really wanted to blog about.

Today I hiked 4 miles in the rain and thought of Oregon. Cooked a really nice Steelhead trout from Costco. $10 for half a big 'ol fish. Just can't go wrong. Lemon-garlic baked deal. Very delicious.

Things are coming together, just not very quickly. I'll be posting the good news any comes. Meanwhile, I've been interested in this problem for a while. Thought I'd put up a link so I can find it again: Corn. Or the full scientific article.

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  1. Just checking your blog for the first time in a couple of months. Wow, you're having one of those techno days from hell. Try and keep those viruses on that side of the river.

    Sorry Don and I didn't get back from the Sorghum Festival in time to see you guys again before you left Aunt Mae's. We got hung up listening to some of the worst bluegrass ever. Like watching (or listening to) a train wreck, you just can't look away. Wish we had, though.

    Saw your link to the corn/fast food issue. I read the reporting on that last week and, to me, it's something which needs to be examined a lot more closely. This has the makings of a huge crisis and is tremendously under-reported. Corn is the most heavily subsidized crop in the country. No wonder its the preferred crop(read:cheapest) of fast food. Its prolific use sets up a singularly negative chain of events. Livestock being fed exclusively corn, which increases the likelihood of e-coli, which results in the necessity of using antibiotic laden feed, which leads to increasingly resistant strains of disease. Not to mention the heavy and widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the corn. Then there's the whole issue of genetically modified corn and the associated transgenic dangers. It's freaking scary.

    I just hope that there is a possibility that with some new blood in Washington this might get a little higher profile look. We'll see if CHANGE is for real or just a slogan. I'm pinning my hopes on it being real, but we'll see. But this issue is a major contributor to the health epidemic in the country. Is it any wonder that they make it so difficult and impractical for sustaining local and organic agriculture in this country? It's all about the money. And money rules at all levels. Guess I'm just pissed off about corporations calling all the shots on stuff like this.

    Enough ranting. You ever get anywhere on the job search? Still dabbling with the music or is that on the back burner? Not much going on here in Ohio. Cold, a little snowy. Fighting the hibernation urge. It's tough.

    Catch you later. Hope you're back up and running by now.

    Mike Norman


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