Monday, December 1, 2008

Evening Sky tonight

If only it weren't crappy overcast here in Tennessee, I might see something like this, captured in Kathmandu earlier today by Gopal Chitrakar of Reuters. It is cold and even snowed some this a.m.

I start my new job tomorrow. Very exciting indeed. I have been watching several 007 flicks lately in the kitchen, where I nearly finished my projects. I am glad that I moved my tools as things would have been pretty quiet for me without something like this to do. Sure, I had expectations about moving here to see what this music city is all about. I knew that I wasn't going to do it the way that you hear of everyone else who comes here chasing a dream. I traveled around playing music. I liked it. I miss it. I could also see that it was a one way street, destination unknown. Or a destination of being a weary unknown bar musician.

As I traveled around over the last year, I saw and learned things about this country and our world. It is a good thing to be going back to work where some of my talents will be put to good use helping people solve problems. The music is very much alive in me. I am at home with it; I know what I am after and know that it will be a lifetime's pursuit.

So tomorrow begins a new era; an era where I live within my means and use my noggin doing work stuff and less 'what does it all mean' stuff. Of course I have always had a penchant for that kind of inner dialog, and will no doubt carry on, seeking to understand our ever-changing place in time and space. Only now, I will also get a paycheck.


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