Saturday, December 6, 2008

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David Gray, a photographer related to Reuters, snapped this photo of the moon from Tibet on 4/29/08. Sweet.
Because of the recent night sky phenom (cresent moon+venus+jupiter), the concept of 'earthshine' or how Earth lights up the moon sparked my interest. How big and beautiful Earth must look in the lunar night sky, if how big and beautiful the much smaller moon is to ours. Why don't we have a camera installed on the moon to look back at us? Some day. We can do it much more cheaply with satellites, but they are so...lacking a sense of 'firma', or luna firma.

I may write up something for the directions my work will take me. Interestingly, it may refocus my interests in the Clover basin, NV. With the expertise I see in the office dealing with flood inundation scenarios, I may at last be closing in on my longstanding question about basin integrations between Pleistocene Lakes Ruby and Clover. Wouldn't that be sweet. And to hell with you Steve. It is a good question, with many geomorphic implications for the desert's past.

Below, a shot from photographer Kenji Kawano, who spent most of his career working with the Dine' (Navajo). He's published a few books of photos about the Navajo Code Talkers. I am putting up this photo unless I hear from Mr. Kawano. I'd like to hear from him anyway, though I would hate to get sued trying to share his great photography.

Tom Fannie (Naakaii Dine' é Clan) and Cody Dayish, father and son, Shiprock New Mexico.

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