Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good friends

I used to play music with the best guitar player I could ever hope to be around, Johnny. We keep in touch of course, but I do miss playing those shows with him. Before he and I were bandmates, I was a fan. Looking for some specific shots of him, I found lots of neat pictures. So, from Reno, Nevada, July 8, 2006, only months after I got the camera I still use, enjoy! I don't know who the girl in the pink shirt is...was practicing what Koehler calls the 'high/pro-low/pro.' Later in the album, my friend Jenn Haupert took many nice shots of our show at Lake Tahoe, so thanks go to her for the second half.

Full image of the coolest fence ever, at eastern corner of Nixon & Marsh, Reno.

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  1. A rustic grape stake fence, only days old. Very interesting texture and color.


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