Thursday, January 7, 2010

Luck when shooting

October 17, 5:26 pm. Portland, Oregon.

Sometimes one image eclipses the neighboring shots in a given sequence. Sometimes when traveling there simply too many good pictures to choose from. I had a little of both during this trip. This very 'Portland' beauty was intriguing, the moment was perfect, and I got lucky. And I doubt she even saw me. Not that lucky then, I guess.

I was in town for a geology conference. I was sitting in an Irish bar with an old friend, Charles. I was week into a bad cold. It seemed we were there for hours and hours, and I don't really like bars.

At 5:00 I left the bar, aiming for coffee, I walked outside and around the block. There were many rather pedestrian things to photograph. I ain't proud, so I took the pictures.

I'm never really safe from memories. I was reminded of someone. I don't usually let those types of memory-linked photos out, but this image is nice whatever it meant to me at the time.

There's always urban decay opportunities in cites. This one was intriguing. BOTH shoes were there! Terry Allen once said at a show that "why is it that when you see a shoe along the road, there's only one of them?" He said the song was 'kind of about that.' That introduction and the song Wilderness In This World can be heard on Concerts For A Landmine Free World.

Generic building shots as the sun was getting low.

The arches in the building where referenced earlier on the CSU Chico campus, the fence shot above hearkened to many I take in cities; one in Walnut Creek, CA in particluar. I'll dig those up some day. Just saying that my mind is often very active when shooting.

I stopped at the edge of that part of town. I have a series of 'yellow light' photos, and braced for one of them.

And from my right at a distance, she appeared. Arriving, waiting, gone!

And there it was. Snap. "Yes!" I thought to myself, "I got it."

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