Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All January album

The photobucket slideshows I use are buggy and slow. Worse are the ads on my end.
Free hosting = great, no recompression = great, slow weird slide shows = bad, ads and malware potential = bad.

Today, Google's new social networking Buzz appeared. I also checked out their photo hosting service called Picasa and went for it. Time permitting I'll add locations when I want to. Click below for January 2010.

Thanks to Vicki Haas for the Future Shock reference, Michael Jang for inspiriation, and if you dear reader have the time, it is fun to go through the documentary film in 5 parts on YouTube.

So, feel free to check out any of my albums at Picasa, but know that my current workflow began in November of last year. Okay, words words words words. All of my photos for the last 13 months are now easy to view in Picasa...

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