Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Wistful and nostalgic perhaps, I am reprising two Valentine's blogs from '07 and '06; a nice chance to revisit the 'start' for me and see how my older shots look today.

I visited San Francisco to see the Loved Ones reunite. This adventure from 2/14/2007 was the first of my now characteristic travel-blogs with photographs. Things moved along in unpredictable ways once I was a performing musician. By the time I went to this show, I had played many double bills with the bass player and drummer, Mike and John. I covered that story in the older blog.

I noticed a guy who really seemed to know what he was doing with a camera. He was Michael Jang, a very groovy and accomplished photographer. That's him with the glasses to the right. Check out the videos of the Loved Ones he posted: I Could Cry and Lickin' Stick. Speaking of Lickin' Stick, I met a cool DJ that night who told me about the George Torrance original. After a short hunt, I did end up with a copy of that 45: $15.45 for two songs... on vinyl!

In checking the links for this today, I found some words of wisdom about photography from Michael himself.

a n d. . .
So here are the old blogs complete with newly enlarged photos!:

From 2007, the last 20 hours in pictures (reno_SF_reno) and
from 2006, The Loved Ones: Early 90's R&B Oakland-based band.

The reposting of these blogs comes with a funny set of feelings. My old writing style, especially from 4 years ago, is different; so much more open and 'hey look I am a dork'. The photos from '07 really aren't my best work, so it's a little tough to see them naked and enlarged. Also some of them changed a bit now that I've standardized my approach.

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