Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One year ago

I was in Texas at Palo Duro canyon. I was in the good company of my nephew, who reminded me of this anniversary today.

While visiting the park, I really 'felt' Guy Clark's Red River that unforgettably begins: "from Palo Duro canyon outside Amarillo Texas, the Prairie Dog Town fork of the Red River flows."

Guy's Red River wasn't on my ipod, or I would have listened to it a few times in the parking lot. I was naturally also thinking of a cool song called "The Goodnight-Loving Trail" that I learned from Utah Phillips. If you look into those two songs, you can learn a lot about Texas history. A year ago I published some pictures from that trip, but today I select entirely different images from our time in Texas.

The next day we were in Arizona where we took the side trip out to Petrified Forest. It was really neat. Such different imagery that what I am looking at this very wet and stormy day by the sea!

See a few more in this new slideshow or see the old one. How fitting that tonight, I retuned my guitar and pulled this song out.

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