Monday, April 26, 2010

Bee Movie

Here's some of what the busy bees look like...

Tripod...probably helpful...
They go in and out like this all day long it seems. The pollen-laden ones are more skilled at smooth landings. Often when leaving, they will tumble out upside down, quickly right themselves and buzz away.

Also, somehow there is a drone in the hive. He's totally clunky and has a very different sounding buzz. I don't know if he got in there from the start or if he just showed up. I mistakenly thought it was the queen a few blogs back...

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  1. My gosh, these videos gave me an entirely new perspective on the expression, "busy as a bee." They are super active. Good job, Andrew. They like their home. When you thought that the queen had ventured outside the hive (which you say now is a drone), I did a little research, and sometimes the queen can leave the hive to mate. I'm assuming that would be in the early stages of the colony.


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