Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My first 'real' show in ages is Thursday (tomorrow) night! I'm excited to play with a musician as talented as Cliff.

It has taken months for the light to be right for this mossy fence.

Three small dots.

I was liking the aqua hue of the sea tonight.

There are innummerable favorite spots on this stretch of beach. This is in front of the 'pyramid tree'. I suspect this fence predates the construction of Highway 101. I saw my first snake, right on the beach. It was bigger around than my thumb, about two feet long. I lunged to get a shot (and mostly failed); guess I'm not afraid of snakes.

There's quite a few more in the full album from yesterday and today.

As I posted this blog, Little Milton's Lookin' For My Baby shuffled up. I enjoyed it. My version came from an interesting box set, Sun Records 50th Anniversary Collection. Now I really must put on new guitar strings!

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