Friday, April 16, 2010

Three times five

The girls were so busy and seemed happy with the sunshine today. I hope they're building their comb and finding all of the juicy nearby flowers. It seems to me they like their hive and are busy going in and out. By now, the Queen has been released and is hopefully strong and will lead this colony through the years to come.

After practice, I went to a new piece of a favorite place here.

After practice, nice time at the beach, then to play with Cliff and sing for some nice people...It was a very lovely day.

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  1. Cool thing with the bees. Has that been a hobby deferred for a while? If I didn't already have a glut of hobbies, most of which I can't seem to find the time to enjoy, I could see getting into beekeeping. Surprisingly, we seem to have a pretty fair number of bees around our property here very year. Since we let some of it grow up naturally, there have been a fair number of things pop up that they seem to be attracted to. Not to mention all the flowers we've planted. No shortage of clover and dandelions either. Bees are just fascinating to watch. Good luck with that.


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