Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old Blogs

I departed the world of Facebook. I made my old blog open. Both actions were liberating. In the old days, I wrote more and posted less often. The blogs span my travels all around the west, my move from Reno to Kentucky, travels from North Carolina to Ohio to California. Kentucky to Baton Rouge and off to Texas and back to New Orleans and my move to Tennessee. From the fall of 2008, there are tons of photographs from my tour with Hellbound Glory across our country. Like this one, in Brooklyn, New York:

I used to write articles. The blogs cover from January 22, 2006 to December 7, 2008; nearly two full years. My first blog was about music and film. Or my announcement of my intent to move to Kentucky. One that I really enjoyed writing was my discussion of my guitar playing heroes. Gradually I realized that no one was really reading them, or if so they were misunderstood, and that photographs were the simplest way to share my travels. From about September 2007 and on there's a lot more pictures.

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