Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sail On

Greggs Creek returns to winter flood levels.

As does Euchre Creek.

And the Rogue is full!.

Last night was a really nice evening in Gold Beach. There was a lively and happy crowd crammed in the little bar on the second floor.

It stopped raining mid day yesterday. I've been feeding the remaining bees with bottlecaps full of sugar water. They have become very aggressive and viscious. There are many still alive and today they were quite busy.

Please check out the full Month of May Photos at Picasa.

20 years ago I learned the intro to SRV's "Pride and Joy," and the second phrase is similar to Muddy Waters lick...from Honey Bee recorded January 23, 1951. Muddy lays it down in that early track. "Sail on, sail on my little honey bee, sail on. You're gonna keep on sailing 'till you lose your happy home."

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