Monday, June 28, 2010

Western Washington part 1, slight return.

On Thursday, I played a short show with my friends Mandy, Chris and Robert on my old Harmony Sovereign. Then I played a show at Cafe flo. My mom came out and we all enjoyed the kinship of songwriters and friends. Deedee broke our hearts with a few protest songs and a wonderful voice. Later than planned, the boys showed up and we were on our way to Montesano Washington.


Montesano Saturday morning.

That's the Eye of Gav.

Hellbound Glory takes a nature walk? What, exactly, is the world coming to?


I'll continue with this day in another blog. It was about this point in the day where I slammed the top of my head into a concregte door jamb. Every day miracles...I feel fine though the sound of the thud was sickening. "You be careful," the words of my friend Mark Hargis rang in my head.

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