Tuesday, July 20, 2010

250 Miles Outta Reno

Thanks Jim! Happy trails.
I can still celebrate my geology career
Andrew D. Barron quaternary geologist, Earthquake Zin, Costco, Reno, NV
Great to see you Shawn! "Two orders of salmon and yellowtail to start please."
Rickshaw's Fine Asian Bistro, Kietzke & South Virginia, Reno, Nevada
"You be careful," in Mark's Kentucky accent, often crosses my mind when traveling.

Gardnerville, Nevada.
Gardnerville, Nevada at 29 mph
Gardnerville, Nevada at 29 mph

Being a musician helps to anticipate photographic moments (see also without sign).

Mono Lake at 72 mph.
Mono Lake at 72 mph
Mono Lake at 72 mph
250 miles and HOT!
Back yard plants in setting sun
Moon approaches the eastern Sierras.

First stop, déjà vu from 1/8/08,

..to pick up some guitar strings I'll need. Ordered on Thursday, arrived Monday from New Hampshire, only 18 miles south of where my Grandparents lived for 40 years. JustStrings.com.
Martin Bluegrass SP 4250 from JustStings.com

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