Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bill Mize backed with It's Good To Be Home

Bill Mize is a great guy and a talented musician. I was lucky to meet him for a conversation in 2007. He has a new album that I look forward to hearing. If you find you need some calm and some beauty in your life, get yourself some Bill Mize music. I started with Sugarlands and I really dig the newer stuff too, like The Road Scholar.
Bill Mize and Andrew Barron, Gatlinburg, TN, October 2007
Here's a bit of our conversation.

"To friends and family."

Great to breathe the Pacific wind again!

This blog was written with attentive assistance from Smoke, age 18.

A little later on...
Warré hive overloaded with drones. wtf
Warré hive ready for a new box
Coolest salt shaker ever, from Ireland I hear.
Joyas Design salt and pepper pots
Joyas Design salt and pepper pots
Path to the beehive

Strange to have photographed this just before leaving. Wonder what happened? I shot the fire hydrant, too.

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