Friday, July 30, 2010

Old Photos

I have been having a good time creating new blogs from old photos. Some are geology, some are music. Occasionally my emergent 'photography' is present, too. These retroblogs have fewer images than more recent ones. It was fun to time travel and also to apply current image processing steps to finish up and present old images. I met with a web marketing consultant last month; I'm populating the 'meta internet' with content for my future marketing efforts. You may notice odd third-person usage. Below, I marked the text orange for my favorites.

October 14, 2000. Field work in New Madrid, Missouri.
October 16, 2000. My first Nashville trip
September 20, 2003, Nevada field geology.
October 3, 2003, Nevada field geology.
October 20, 2003, Yosemite field trip.
November 22, 2003, Weekend trip to the White Mountains and Lone Pine, California.
March 3, 2004, Long Valley field excursion, Nevada.
August 12, 2004, Field reconnaissance, Pequop Range, Nevada.
April 30, 2005, Andrew is busy musician!
August 12, 2005, Bob Piechocki had the original image, thanks Bob!
November 23, 2005, Andrew is still a busy musician!
February 5, 2006, Hellbound Glory plays in Washington.
June 1, 2006, Hellbound Glory plays in Sacramento and Tahoe; visits San Francisco.

I am looking forward to merging my blogs 2006 through 2008 into barronphotography, with larger images. Many epic travels and photographs therein!

All righty then, here's a few shots from yesterday.
Downtown Independence early morning
This beautiful plant started to bloom.

That's it from me today!

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