Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kentucky Photos, September 2007

Owensboro, Kentucky, 42304. Photo by Andrew D. Barron
I have been busy putting my blogs up and reprocessing the photos from my time in Kentucky. There were a lot of exciting things to photograph.

Hope you enjoy these, I sure did. I changed very little of the text from the originals. The photos are now presented at 1024 pixels wide, up from their 2007 release of 600 pixels. I stopped using Unsharp Mask in Photoshop late last year, and continued to leave these images alone now. Usually.
9/13/07: Bill Monroe's Birthday
9/14/07: On These Tombstones It Did Say
9/15/07: Ohio County 1
9/17/07: Ohio County 2
9/18/07: Ohio County 3
9/20/07: Owensboro Kentucky 42304
You can compare the 2007 version of Owensboro Photos for kicks (and because I can't delete it). The latter two Ohio County photos (2&3) are also still up.

9/21/07, Bowling Green, Kentucky.
9/25/07, Kentucky Family Visit. Another really fun one with a lot of nice family history and cool photos. Taken the next days after Owensboro, 9/22-9/24, 2007. Finally, a more proper treatment for these special photos.

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