Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mandola Dreams

Let me say without qualification: what a great July!

I inquired about an 'A-style' Lebeda mandolin and was sent these photographs. A Lebeda mandola.
Photos by Jeff Cowherdwith his Sony Mavica CD500
Jiri Lebeda F5 Mandola
Jiri Lebeda F5 Mandola
Jiri Lebeda F5 Mandola
Wow! I would buy this in a heartbeat if I had thousands of extra dollars. Sure would make a nice match to my F5 Premium Plus.

I really like different mandolin sounds. The F-style is my favorite but I dig the tones of other shapes, too. It was this beautiful Gibson "Snakehead" that got me thinkin' about A-styles.
Here I am Sunday morning, stumbling through a version of Little Rabbit in D with lyrics I learned from Tim O'Brien and David Grier.

Euphoria! (euphorbia)
These things still look purdy
Moon and sunflower frame cypress

Independence Sycamore

I'm just going to accept this as my Eraserhead period. Andrew and Venus.
Andrew D. Barron and Venus

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