Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Day Gone By

Last night I made the last of the pizza for this round of dough.
Thin crust pizza bakes, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
Today the clouds offered a brief reprieve. Brief.
Gold Beach, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River, Gold Beach, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
I saw an SX-70 today. My last blog was pretty densely packed with my findings about instant photography. I learned a lot about a bygone era. There are really neat, tactile things people are doing with the Fuji package instant films. In this 'negativo recuperado', the peel paper from the instant film is treated with a few chemicals and scanned, flipped and inverted. The resulting images have a very interesting quality.

This, however was shot with the Hipstamatic 185 outside the thrift store.
Gold Beach, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
I admire the work of photographer/blogger Juha Haataja, and today I happened upon a scene much like some of his shots lately. The moment of 'right light' was too brief. I drove by the scene and it was just right, but after a quick u-turn it was fading as I approached. First shot:
Gold Beach, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
52mm @ 1/125s,f/5.6, iso200, full automatic
7 shots and 90 seconds later, I turned to the right. I switched to aperture priority, held the camera high above my head, trusted the autofocus, and:
Gold Beach, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/14/10
52mm @ 1/1600s, f/5.6, iso2500, aperture priority
To wrap things around again, take a look at this instant film negative scan. How cool is that?

I browsed my blog with an iPad tonight and it seems like my big 'ol image size is well suited for it. Clickable images were a remnant from when I scaled images for display. I'll stop doing that. Also, I think the size of the Hipstamatic images at 600 pixels is a little too generous. Learn as you go. Also, I've been trying to be better at filling out useful meta tags for the links and images. You can see what I put in there when you hover over them without clicking.

Here's an image from the archives I've always liked. Nashville, TN, 12/5/07 just before seeing Verlon Thompson and Shawn Camp at the Station Inn.
Station Inn, Nashville, TN, Andrew D. Barron ©12/5/07
Sony DSC-H1, 40mm @ 1/8s,f/2.8, iso320, full automatic
On my small MacBook screen this looks great. On a big PC screen, not so much. You can glimpse the original presentation of this image here.

Processing steps for presentation 12/14/10: Topaz deNoise at low, levels adjusted very slightly, then Unsharp Mask 105% @ 1 pixel radius. Reduced pixels from (sad) 2592 to 1902, then Unsharp again;note*I've not run unsharp twice before. Reduced image size to 1395 and again to 1024. These numbers arise from my preference to reduce image size in stages because I think they come out better. My workflow has the step down in 3 stages, each 73.37% the way down. This percentage is the solution for the number of stages, the number of initial pixels, and the desired final size. For the really curious, my d5000 has 4288 initial pixels. I step this down in 5 steps, each 75.10% smaller than the next. (4288->3220->2418->1816->1364->1024). With Action scripts, I really just push the button once after it is set up.

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