Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hipstamatic 185 with Lucifer VI, Andrew D. Barron ©12/9/10
Alternate. This is the fun camera app I've been using. Notice (above) the lever on the left in the up position. That's for high quality; only 1200 pixels. I ran Topaz denoise, then unsharp mask, and resampled down to 436 pixels.
Hipstamatic 185, Andrew D. Barron ©12/10/10Hipstamatic 185, Andrew D. Barron ©12/9/10
Alternate to above-right:

Airport at night.
North Bend, Andrew D. Barron ©12/10/10
North Bend, Andrew D. Barron ©12/10/10
Bandon for a brew. This bartender was helpful and friendly.
Hipstamatic 185 shoots the McFarlin's bar, Bandon, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©12/10/10
It's fun to take interesting-but-lousy pictures. Here's a related blog post

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