Friday, January 28, 2011

35mm Camera Giveaway

Go on, take it. I don’t need it.
John Lithgow as Dr. Emilio Lizardo • Buckaroo Bonzai
Canon Rebel 2000 giveaway, Andrew D. Barron ©1/26/11
After I posted this, my friend Jason wrote unexpectedly to say, “This was my first slr. Great meter and fast/accurate autofocus. Very light and small, with a 50 mm attached you can slip it into a pocket. Even the kit lens (28-80mm) that came with this was super sharp and quiet autofocus. Great camera. That Rebel was one of the last film Rebels and had evolved a lot from previous models, think they started selling the Rebel series in the late 1980's. There is a Rebel Ti that is even more compact than the Rebel 2000, and the last film model in that series. I really like the ergonomics of Canon models withe the rocker dial and index finger operation.

I don't think the digital lenses fit the film camera, image cropping would occur on film.”

Wow, thanks for that Jason. Sounds like another “last of the V-8s” for Canon 35mm SLRs.
Canon Rebel 2000 giveaway, Andrew D. Barron ©1/26/11

Yes, yes. The great thing about rural communities is the treasure one can find. I paid US$6 for this camera. There was a Canon lens available from a dslr in ’hood, but it didn’t fit. I put some batteries and watched the shutter close and explored the program and metering modes. This idea came about because I like to practice my natural light product photography. I looked at this pics and thought,“What a sweet camera I'm never going to bring back to life.”

I'm leaning towards large format photography so this camera should go to someone who can use it. You! It’s an adventure to piece the broken past together and make something useful again. You can take the baton on this one. I’ll even help you locate a lens if you’d like. Does it work? Well, almost certainly. Someone's going find out. Super sleuth style. Having run two rolls of film through a 110 camera, it was a very fun experiment

So, what do you gotta do? Not much. Shoot me an email, then, and this is important, reimburse me for the shipping (~$3-$6; more international). Send a check or use PayPal. That’s it! Get you some batteries ($2), some film, a lens, and enjoy your new camera! I was going to throw some Fujichrome Veliva 100 in there and give it a whirl. It’s easy to get. If this ‘share the film photography’ idea works, I have plenty more old cameras to spread around the globe. Indian photographer D. Srikanth was gracious enough to allow display of one of his many fine shots with the Rebel 2000, taken two weeks ago.
Photo by D. Srikanth ©1/14/11
He recalls: f/9.5, 75mm, Fujifilm Proplus 200.
Thanks for that image D. Srikanth!

It’s looking like the test prints are making their way across the world, with confirmations in Denmark and many US cities. The Rusty Mailbox Blog, posted receipt of his barronphotography photo pack on flickr. His picture shows about how many prints equal 1 ounce (a 44¢ first class stamp). Test prints await their road trip to your empty old mailbox!

Photo by Rusty Mailbox of Photos by Andrew D. Barron

He also straightened me out that the Road To Columbus, a great late-era Bill Monroe instrumental, is most likely a travel song about headin’ to Bean Blossom, Indiana. Columbus, Indiana.

2011 is an important year for traditional American music. It's the 100th anniversary of the birth of genius:
Robert Johnson, May 5, 1911 and William Smith Monroe, September 13, 1911.

It’d be a great year to visit the Ridge!
Bill Monroe Memorial Highway, Beaver Dam, Kentucky, Andrew D. Barron &copy79/16/08
I spent a year in western Kentucky and even lived on Jerusalem Ridge for a time. I’m sorry I didn’t make the drive on the Road To Columbus. This year,
I look forward to sharing my many pictures from Kentucky, related to bluegrass and Bill Monroe. Shoot me an email if you want to see something in particular related to WSM!

Here’s a couple of images from today.
The sky outside as I write this blog, Andrew D. Barron ©1/28/11
CCD digital camera (an ’06 h1) image with a simulated Wratten #25 and Kodak 100 TMAX Pro film, courtesy of Silver EFEX. 14 days left on my trial … it’s going to be hard to live without already!
Gold Beach night life, ha! Andrew D. Barron ©1/28/11
It is fun to try Silver EFEX software. Below, an explosive wave crash was shot 2/15/10, but didn’t make it to that blog. There are fine sediments are entrained in the water. This is a favorite location at Sisters Rocks, in central Curry County Oregon. So here’s the color original:
Waves crash, Sisters Rocks, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/05/10
And 10 minutes of manipulation (and by no means a ’final’):
Waves crash, Sisters Rocks, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/05/10


  1. Do you have any photos taken with the Rebel? Post or email me if you do. I wish I lived somewhere nearby cos I don't wanna trouble u having to send it all the way to Singapore. So I'm just gonna let someone else have it. :/

    Keep shooting, Andrew!

  2. Is the giveaway still open, because I will be willing to send the $3 forr the camera. =)

  3. i would really like to have it.. :) never had a decent camera.. :) and i love to take artistic photos :)

  4. Thanks for the continued interest. The camera went out on 2/2/11:


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