Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black and white retrospect

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Mudcracks up close.
Fish Creek Wash, Imperial County, California, January 2009. Compare to color.
Split Mountain, Imperial County, CA, Andrew D. Barron©1/08/09
Mudstone of the the Upper Imperial formation. Above images in context.
Sony DSC-H1:200mm:f/4.0:iso64:1/125s, Split Mountain, Imperial County, California, January 2009.
Split Mountain, Imperial County, CA, Andrew D. Barron©1/08/09

Valley Oak, Butte County, California, January 2009.
Valley Oak, Butte County, CA, Andrew D. Barron©1/14/09

Montara Beach, California, January 2009.
Montara Beach, CA, Andrew D. Barron©1/26/09
Fallen pine, Castle Crags, California, April 2009.
Fallen pine, Castle Crags, CA, Andrew D. Barron©4/21/10
Sand Mountain, Nevada, June 2009.
Sand Mountain, Nevada, Andrew D. Barron©6/24/10

Seattle reflected in the Space Needle, Washington, October 2009.
Seattle reflected in the Space Needle, WA, Andrew D. Barron©10/05/09

Bicycle girl, Portland, Oregon, October 2009.
Bicycle girl, Portland, OR, Andrew D. Barron©10/17/09

Reno, Nevada, November 2009.
Reno, NV, Andrew D. Barron©11/29/09
Chair, December 2009.
Maurine's Chair, Andrew D. Barron©12/05/09

Greggs Creek, Oregon, December 2009.
I am pleased with the new workflow for converting images to grayscale/black and white/monochrome that I came up with. In nearly every case, the resulting image is more powerful (to me) than the color original. Kodak is having a sale and I am tempted to order some Pro Black and White 8x10's for $4.40 ea., though the matte finish gives me pause. There's also a sale on calendars, $15.

My limited technical photography undermined the sharpness of a nice composition. The f/4 aperture is too large and it was overexposed from being shot at 3:24 pm. A tripod could have helped, though I held the camera about 18 inches from the beach, so that's a tripod I don't own. A remote shutter release for the H1 would be great. The 47mm equivalent lens is quite similar to my Nikon rig, so I'll try this shot again some day.
Greggs Creek, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©12/04/09
Breaking free of my self-imposed 16:9 prison has been important for me this year. It came down to framing materials. Where the heck are 16:9 frames? Anyone? So I like 5:4 a lot. This image took on a new character:
Spoon, Euchre creek marsh, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©1/31/10

Though a tad grainy, this image turned out significantly better.
Devil's Backbone, Oregon, January 2010.
Devil's Backbone, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©1/13/10
Compare to earlier attempt:
South from Frankport, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©/10

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  1. Wow. "Montara Beach, California, January 2009" is an incredible shot.


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