Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Evening News

Nesika Beach trees, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©1/26/11
The Instax continues to amaze! Instant film, 2011? Huh? I formalized my thoughts about resampling and sharpening to some degree. I intend to start a 'photography demystified' series of blog entries. The Instax pictures are much smaller in real life. I like that they're enlarged (nearly 300%) to display on the blog and attempt to hold their own with my dslr shots. One thing I know is that no digital camera I've used could evoke this scene. This image makes 57 shots for me on the Instax! I have not been good at all keeping track of the images; film requires more care if shot location and settings are to be recorded.

A few news items this Sunday night.

Guy Clark is retiring from the road! He has three shows in Texas and afterwards won't be touring. Catch Guy in Texas and wish him well. Pollstar listings. At right, there we are 10 years ago!

Guy's songs are some of the very best. When art inspires life, well, what more could an artist want? The Homegrown Tomatoes in Agness, comes to mind. I recorded a handful of Guy's songs last year, but here's one of Townes'. The Highway Kind, the mother of all road songs. For you, maestro!

Verlon Thompson, Guy Clark & Andrew D. Barron ©2001

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Today was brilliantly beautiful.
Nesika Beach tree, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11
It's beehive preparation weather!
Warre Hive box get a new coat of paint, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11
More about apiary activities the coming week. There's too much moisture in southern Oregon for the wood to go unpainted. It's somewhat like the fogging of windows in a car. Bees keep their hive at a very warm constant temperature. The temperature and moisture differential starts to pull in water through the wood. So I hope the exterior paint keeps the wet out and our little friends hang out longer. The colony has been struggling most of the year and barely survived the overly wet June. They are in two boxes and I may have to feed them if the spring is super wet. So far, they've been left alone. I don't know when I can feel safe to call them in the clear. I've been thinking of moving the hive to a less shady spot.

Today I tried out Neat Image for removing noise from the h1's images. The software has camera-specific profiles and I figured it may extend the life of the zillions of shots from that camera. Here's a 3-up photomerge that was very iso-noisy. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and yeah, the processing results were very good!
Northwest and UP from Frankport, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©1/30/11
At f/8, the minimum aperture of the h1 is just not enough. This is likely a tiny CCD sensor problem; no need to engineer for an aperture that could not be resolved in the sensor. The optics of the non-Zeiss H1 lens are very good, but the 5+ year old sony just can't resolve details like a newer dslr. Nevertheless, a nice photomerge and capture of what I saw.
Ansel Adams, Think Different (image provided)
24"x36" poster for sale,$300. I'll forward you to the seller, andrewdbarron at gmail dot com.

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