Sunday, February 13, 2011

A good night

“Since the beginning of man, the hours from the coming of dark and the coming of sleep have belonged to the storyteller and the music maker.”
attributed to a Bob Stone, unverified as yet
Part of a great night, Norwester restaurant, Gold Beach, Andrew D. Barron ©2/12/11

I met a father with his two sons who were old friends of the great fiddler I play with. After the show, they invited me out for a ‘guitar pull’ that lasted until dawn. Mr. Elliot and his sons had a very powerful dynamic; the boys were grown, near 30. The younger was a musician. Both sons were snapping shots all night with their dslrs and iphones. Their mom is a geologist. So we had a lot to talk about. Mr. Elliot told me the quote above in response to my frustation at the inability of people to respect musicians and to listen. This is a new phenomenon, he assured me. We still did the important work of talking long and sharing songs. It was an honor to meet these folks from Idaho.

Today I share the last two days of Hipstamatic photographs as well as some exploration of the 110 negatives.

Hipstamatic 200 was released recently but I have not updated because 3G’s wireless has failed. Reading through recent reviews, the substantial update is buggy and unstable. I will wait a week or two. I have been having a very good life lately.
Curry County Courthouse en route to thrift store, Andrew D. Barron ©2/11/11
Home in Ophir, Andrew D. Barron ©2/11/11
The Neat Image plugin for ps has been helping with the hipstamatic images. I haven’t figured it out well but the results a very promising.
Goat Mountain moon: Ophir, Andrew D. Barron ©2/13/11
A few weeks back I had a run-in with the rural route mail delivery person, who was quite unpleasant. I am glad to have a po box in Ophir, miraculously getting my very own number from 1982 when the building was in Ophir proper. I drive the two miles each day to deal with the recent rush of photography-related activity. I want a bicycle. I went to town and lo, at fundraiser for a newborn, I saw it as I drove by: my new bike. $10. Much cheaper than retrieval from the California storage unit. This bicycle is in amazing condition. The Oregon license expired in 1977; I imagine the bike is only several years older. There are decals from the former life it had on the Oregon State university campus. It appears to have been in a garage for decades. Today was my first time on a bicyle in Ophir since I moved to town (Gold Beach) in 1985, before my eventual arrival in California shortly afterwards. I took off the fenders to clean although am pleased they exist!
Goat Mountain moon & new Schwinn: Ophir, Andrew D. Barron ©2/13/11
It’s a long road ahead.
Ophir road salamander, Andrew D. Barron ©2/13/11
Whatever you call these, they are neat creatures. I saved this one from an oncoming car by standing over it to photograph it. The Kaimal lens is oddly red, but with very minor levels adjustment, the image communicates the color of the water dog itself. On the bicycle, the time to get to my favorite locations is short and enjoyable. Here's the Alfed Infrared looking towards a cloud-crowned Humbug near the mouth of Greggs creek.
cloud-crowned Humbug, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron ©2/13/11

Begin discussion of 110 negatives
One strip of the 110 negatives contained some of the best shots from the two rolls. The returned scans had bizarre color characteristics. The nice thing about scanning negatives is the significant recovered image area. 110 film’s negative dimensions asmeasured from the scan are a tiny 17×13mm (compare 35×24mm of 35mm film cameras). The whole negative looks like this:
Euchre Creek, Curry County, OR, Minolta AutoPAK 440E 110, Andrew D. Barron©1/01/11
On this day at this location, I was experimenting with long exposures over water. I like these trees and love the valley of this little creek. The dslr capture provides fairly accurate reference to the poorly lit scene where I stood.
Euchre Creek, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©1/01/11
The likable scanned print:
Euchre Creek, Curry County, OR, Minolta AutoPAK 440E 110, Andrew D. Barron©1/01/11
I have little patience for matching colors and I see little point worrying too much about it. After a few things, here's the adjusted image of the high resolution scan of the negative:
Euchre Creek, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©1/01/11
With new tools available to me, this is a nice take on the image thanks to work with SilverEFEX.
Euchre Creek, Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©1/01/11
The creative capability of expired 110 film is good. I’ve enjoyed each part of working with the film. It would be great to eventually process my own color film or at least black and white. It is certainly within the realm of the possible to reroll 110 cartridges with other film stock. I was happy to run into an old friend yesterday who once had a darkroom just 200 meters away from where I sit. I took his picture with the Instax 210 for inclusion with his valentine’s boquet.

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